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David Carson

David Carson US

Never snap to guides

David will show and talk about his recent work, along with a few photographs and some of his well known earlier work.

David Carson (United States of America)

D. Carson is considered as the most influential book designer of our times. His creation for the magazine “Beach Culture” has gained “Best Overall Design” and “Cover of the Year” awards. D. Carson is an author of 4 innovative and experimental books: “The End of Print: The Graphic Design of David Carson”, “2nd Sight”, “Fotografiks”, “Trek”. Peaces of work presented in these books are still showed to the public in various exhibitions around the world.

Renate Stefan

Renate Stefan DE

“Die Andere Bibliothek”

The 1rst editions of the Die Andere Bibliothek. 1 title every month ... since 1985. Designed by the most famous international book-designers.

Renate Stefan (Germany)

Production manager at “Aufbau” publishing group, initiator and publishing manager of the book series “Die Andere Bibliothek”, jury member of an international contest on bookmaking “Stiftung Buchkunst”.

Roland Stieger

Roland Stieger CH

From inside out

How to go beyond the borders of design ​in a book​.

Roland Stieger (Switzerland)

Apprenticeship as a typesetter 1986-90, post grade degree as a typographic designer under guidance of Jost Hochuli. Since 1993 co-partner of tgg.ch. 2008 to 2010 CAS Type Design at the ZHDK under the guidance of Hansjürg Hunziker and André Baldinger. 2014 founding of abclitera.ch together with Jost Hochuli and Jonas Niedermann. The work of TGG has won several awards as The most beautiful Swiss book designs, Type Directors Club New York, Art Directors Club New York, Red Dot Award, iF Communications Award, European Design Award, Joseph Binder Award.

Kęstutis Vasiliūnas

Kęstutis Vasiliūnas LT

Artists Book Structures

Artists Book – an interesting phenomena in terms of its interdisciplinary, vagueness, all-taken-into-account variety and very evident criteria at the same time.

prof. Kęstutis Vasiliūnas (Lithuania)

Lecturer at the Department of Graphics at Vilnius Academy of Arts, curator of international events of book art, member of Lithuanian Artists Association, “Europe 24” and “Scandinavia-Baltic Group” artists groups.

Tom Mrazauskas

Tom Mrazauskas LT|DE


“Writings about the origins of fiasco are full of subtle conjecture, misunderstandings and downright ignorant assertions, but everyone who tackles the subject ends by saying sadly that the problem is insoluble. This includes me: be warned that I shall come to no very definite conclusion.”

Tom Mrazauskas (Lithuania | Germany)

Tom Mrazauskas began learning graphic design by himself in 2003 and designed his first book in 2008. Since 2012 he is living in Berlin, working with publishers both in Germany and Lithuania. Tom has gained awards in international book design contests (The Best German Book Design, Frankfurt 2014; Best Book Design from all over the World, Leipzig 2013), gave a talk at international design conference TypoBerlin (2014).

Saulius Žukas

Saulius Žukas LT

How “normal” books came into being

Several fun novels on Lithuanian book design creation.

dr. Saulius Žukas (Lithuania)

Literary critic, lecturer, founder of publishers “Baltos lankos”.

The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013

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Moments of the conference

Cinematographers:Povilas Baltinas and Giedrius Ilgūnas

Photographer: Mantas Puida